Rachel Wolfson Smith draws beyond the surface
Known for her large-scale graphite drawings of light and shadow, Smith uses new media to investigate the illusory depths of memory and speculation.Publisher: SightlinesDate: August 30, 2022linkFormat: Digital

Shed Shows opens ‘ Distant Sirens’
Humble yet elevated, Shed Shows offers an unconventional pop-up space for Austin’s artists to display their most experimental work.Publisher: SightlinesDate: July 21, 2022
linkFormat: Digital

At Wildflower Center, Armando Cortés' ‘Estésen Cercas’
The culmination of the St. Elmo’s Arts Residency, Cortés’ exhibition probes a liminal space where personal and territorial boundaries overlap.Publisher: SightlinesDate: May 3, 2022
linkFormat: Digital

‘The Plastic Bag Store,’ critiques overproduction… by overproducing?
Amusing and accessible, Robin Frohardt’s immersive installation playfully addresses the absurd nature of consumerism, but trades clarity and insight for momentary thrills.Publisher: SightlinesDate: April 7, 2022linkFormat: Digital

At All the Sudden art space, it’s process over product
The East Austin project space is set up for experimentation, at times molding into an exhibition space, a music venue, a host of book clubs and workshops, a meeting place for mutual aid organizing — or some lively combination of it all.Publisher: SightlinesDate: March 21, 2022linkFormat: Digital

In “The Thief Collector,” Thrill-Seeking Fantasies Turn to Criminal DelusionsOrdinary people, exceptional thievesPublisher: The Austin ChronicleDate: March 11, 2022
linkFormat: Digital

Exploring Black Digital History Through the Legacy of the Nike Air Force 1
Ciara Elle Bryant wonders when a shoe becomes an icon?Publisher: The Austin ChronicleDate: March 11, 2022linkFormat: Digital

Are You Local? Crit Group Reunion Redefines What it Means to be an Austin Artist
Two-part retrospective exhibition brings local creatives together, and to the main galleryPublisher: The Austin ChronicleDate: November 19, 2021linkFormat: Print

"The Blessings of the Mystery" Questions the Notion of Preservation and Ownership
A different West Texas at UT's Visual Arts Center
Publisher: The Austin ChronicleDate: October 29, 2021linkFormat: Print

‘Paradoxes of Disconnected Connection’ in Disentangling: The Geographies of Digital Disconnection
Adams, Paul, Behrens, V., Hoelscher, S., and Robinson, H., Lavrenova, O., and Yuan, Y.Publisher: Oxford University PressDate: July 13, 2021
linkFormat: Book

Beili Liu's Sculpture Cloud Pavilion Shimmers at Seaholm
How this glistening steel sculpture by the Austin-based artist became a permanent fixture of an evolving Downtown.Publisher: SightlinesDate: May 28, 2021
linkFormat: Print

SXSW Film Review: Twyla MovesAn intimate and fiercely entertaining dance with a legendPublisher: The Austin ChronicleDate: March 18, 2021linkFormat: Digital

Who Gets to be Human Onscreen?
The Interior Chinatown author reflects on how Asian American lives are characterized in popular entertainmentPublisher: The Austin ChronicleDate: March 11, 2021linkFormat: Print
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